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After Dinner Herbal Tea 166 $7.00 Deliciously aids in digestion- ginger, fennel, caraway, peppermint, lemon balm

Blues tea 170 $7.00 Drink the blues tea to lighten the heavy heart. (Honey, he was a bum!) Contains: chamomile, borage, St. John's Wort, mint, thyme

Catarrh Herbal Tea 167 $7.00 Catarrh is an old-fashioned word for the common cold. This tea is a potent blend of echinacea, lemon balm, nettles, mint and rose hips with a pinch of cayenne.

Femininitea 171 $7.00 Ride the tide - drink femininitea for female complaints. Works for PMS, menstrual cramps. contains: motherwort, raspberry leaves, cramp bark, bayberry bark, bee balm

Lavender Tea 172 $7.00 Lavender flowers with oatstraw, lemon verbena and mallow.

Lemon herb tea 173 $7.00 A lift for lemon lovers! Contains: lemon balm, lemon basil, lemon verbena, lemon thyme, lemon wedges

Lovers Herbal Tea 168 $7.00 Aphrodite's own potent brew. A blend of siberian ginseng, damiana leaves, basil, saw palmetto berries, ginger and horny goat weed.

mini tea bundle 179 $7.00  

Mint Herbal Tea 169 $7.00 Mint like you can't imagine for all you mint lovers! Complete with five differnt varieties.

Sleepy Tea 162 $7.00 Drift off to dreamland with this delicious blend of soporific herbs.

Tea Party 197 $7.00 Delicious and nutritious, with a reddish colour and a fruity flavour.

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