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Practical Beekeeping for Beginners Workshops 2021

Always wanted to keep honey bees?  Here is your opportunity to learn from a master beekeeper.  This series of six workshops is held at Honey Pie Farm in Prince Edward County.  Workshops take place one Sunday a month, from April until September.

Learn the basics, from building the beehive & harvesting honey to pest management and value added products.

Honey Pie’s Head Drone Gavin North has been keeping bees in the County for 21 years. Some of the topics we will discuss include:


Workshop #1 Build your own hive – top to bottom. Site selection & preparation.
Workshop #2 Tour of the hive. How to install your nucleus of bees.
Workshop #3 Catching & preventing swarms. Prepare for the honey flow.
Workshop #4 Harvest your honey: uncapping and extracting.
Workshop #5 Maintaining bee health: pests & diseases of the hive.
Workshop #6 Winter preparations; mead making; about beeswax.
Fees: $100.00 (+ HST) per workshop $550.00 (+HST) for all six workshops - deadline for discounted rate is March 1, 2021.
Prices for equipment & nuclei are extra (optional) We will order supplies and bees for you as a group.
Cost of a nucleus of bees is $200. Cost of beehive parts is approx. $265
Other supplies you will need are hat and veil, gloves, hive tool, smoker. We can order these for you if you don’t have them.

Check out the application form HERE.

A note about COVID protocols

All the workshops this year will take place outside. We will wear masks if recommended by local health authorities.
Since there are six workshops, we will be adapting to local health recommendations throughout the season. 
We have a cap of 10 students for the class, which is currently not allowed, so the April class may be on Zoom.
If smaller groups are required through the summer we can break out if necessary - we have a large property.
We have had some students from Toronto or Ottawa in past years, but this year we are only accepting students from the Quinte area.

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