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Ontario Alpaca

Ontario Alpaca


This is yarn we bought from the Ontario Alpaca Growers Association. They blend some of their yarn with wool and some is 100% alpaca. We’ve indicated what the fibre content and the weight and yardage is for each skein. We have dyed the yarn with natural dyes.

We’ve added some alpaca from Noble Beast Farms here in Prince Edward County. We have some natural colours as well as some that we’ve dyed with natural dyes.

Alpaca is a very soft warm fibre with beautiful lustre, drape and a halo of delicate fuzz.

Each skein is one of a kind. All yarns are treated with a mordant to insure the dyes last. We use alum and sometimes iron as our mordants. Some natural dyes are more long lasting than others. We avoid the more fugitive natural dyes as they tend to fade in the sun or lose their colour with time. Hand wash in cold water.