~Wedding Favours~

What could be more romantic than honey?  A delightful sweet made from the nectar of flowers, it is the essence of love itself.  Give the gift of honey to your guests and spread the love.

For many years now we have been making wedding favours for people.  Here's a list of possibilities and prices.  We also do favours for baby showers and other special events.  If you have any other ideas feel free to send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


wildflower honey 167g - $5.50 per jar

flavoured honey 167g - $6.00 per jar (choose from chocolate, lavender, cinnamon or ginger)

wildflower honey small hex jar 60g - $3.50 per jar

flavoured honey small hex jar 60g - $3.75 per jar (choose from chocolate, lavender, cinnamon or ginger)


bundle of four mini soaps - $7.00

individual mini soap - $1.75


two beeswax beehive candles in an organza bag - $6.50

individual beehive candles - $2.60

For a customized label we charge $20 on top of the cost per item.  Here are some custom honey labels that we've done.  As you can see there are many variations possible.  We use a black and white hand drawn design and hand letter your names and other info and use your choice of colours. Email us for more info - just click on 'contact us'.


wedding favour custom labelkellyswedding

hydrangea honey label




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